T.Y Songs are a creative music collective based between Los Angeles and London. Established and run by acclaimed British songwriting production team Owen Thomas and Lily-May Young. Our international team write and record for both recording artists and TV & Film on both sides of the Atlantic. We have had over 500 international placements, works featuring in some of your favorite TV shows, films, trailers, commercials and on the radio. Our music can also be heard in association with some of the worlds biggest brands creating both sonic identities and accompanying visual campaigns. Take a peek at our PROJECTS page for a bit more of a taste of what we do.



Our team has a heavy focus on the art of songwriting and have grown into the industry with this as our foundation. We write with artists in the room or with in-house musicians, lyricists and top-liners.



With a team of multi-instrumentalists and state of the art audio production facilities both in the UK and the US, we are able to deliver exceptional music production quality with every single song.


Music Licensing

500+ of our songs have been placed to picture across every platform. From cinematic picture, to episodic tv, for brands and in and out of stores internationally. For more info about licensing our music click 'Get In Touch' below.

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